An Adult Pirate Party!

Be sure to turn your next adult party into a fun Pirate themed party for everyone! Not including the kids. However, that doesn’t mean the adults can dress up like pirates and act like kids for a little while. When throwing your pirate themed party make sure to send out invitations to everyone telling them that this is a costume party, although if you forget you can probably count on a few people coming dressed up on their own.

You can easily provide food and drink fitting for a pirate party. The pirates loved their beer! Food should be rich and hearty. Lots of meats and cheeses. Perhaps you can set up a cold cuts buffet and let everyone make their own sandwiches for the event. Make sure you have plenty of cut bread as these pirate guests of yours will certainly have appetites to match their garb. Order extra of everything.

Pirate themed decorations are only suiting to the event. You can hang up red and black streamers, a skull and crossbones and give out eye patches and plastic hooks as party favors to the guests who happen to arrive kich duc without their pirate garb.

Entertainment can be lots of pirate movies and if you don’t feel like watching a movie try playing a CD of the movie soundtrack from the recent pirate movie, Curse of the Black Pearl.

Pirates liked their gold too so you can set up a few poker and blackjack games to entertain the guests. If you want to keep the party civil then use chocolate foil covered coins instead of real money in your betting. That way the winners still get a special treat and no one is throwing punches over lost money.

See if you can start up a few rounds of classic sea shanties with the guests and get a real sing-a-round going at the party. If not, don’t worry, just go back to your good food, entertainment and poker game!


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