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Since I have near future plans to utilize the train for a trip through Italy, I’ve decide to take the train from NYC to Detroit to enjoy a surprise birthday party for one of my many sisters.

These are some of my many experience of this first time adventure.
I will start out by saying that I waited until the last minute, meaning the night before, to check my time schedule. I discovered I would be traveling at night, ALL night, so I called and arranged to have a sleeper car. For comfort it is a very good idea, however from the standpoint of price it may not be such a good ideal. Once you add on a sleeper you are now at the price of a plane ticket. However let us not lose sight of the reason I chose the train, for the experience of traveling by train. aerial yoga hammock

The service from the staff and the ride it self was great. The scheduling was on time and the few stops made were not prolonged, I understand that is not always the case. As a matter of fact the duration of the ride matched the time it would take to drive from DC to Detroit.

The sleeper had a toilet, a very well lit mirror that was great for morning make up. There was a sink with running water. A coat hanger plenty of various types of lighting and a couple plugs for usage of computer and phone.

1st discovery, be ready to walk like a drunk, your balanced will be challenged. I was walking down the hall on my way to the dinning room and one of the staff member was behind me. I knew I was going slow and felt guilty for holding up his destination. However there is no passing in the hall ways. The hallways are about 24 inches wide (of course that may be a slight exaggeration, but lets just say there is NO PASSING ON THE right or left. The staff member and I had just meet so he knew my name he said “Just keep your legs loose Ms Petty, just keep your legs loose” and believe me that helped. Now guys keeping your legs loose may make you walk with a little swing in your hips but for us ladies it’s very sexy.

Should you get too tipsy with alcohol be prepared to fall but, no one will know if it was you or the trains, did you fell or were you drunk….UHM… The balancing challenge will put a serious limit to my drinking, should you decide that the embarrassment would be too much for your ego.

The positive thing, for all you yogi’s, is you can use the train walking a measure to knowing and understanding where you center exist, how well is your balance. Who knows when I go to Italy, after spending 3 weeks on and off a train I should be able to master some of my standing yoga poses. This is a true opportunity to test and strengthen your ability to know your center

2nd discovery: I understand why you can put a baby to sleep by going for a ride in the car. Oh my God the sleeping is great. This is like being rocked to sleep.

3rd discovery: It is best to plan your trip around cities where there are Amtrak stopping point or you are in for a bus ride. Although the bus ride is including in your train fare, the bus ride kinda breaks the whole train ride experience. My bus ride was only an hour and texting back and forth with about four friends can eat up that hours fast, but I don’t think I would like more than an hour bus ride.

4th discovery: The route for your return may not be the same as your going trip. I had a lay over of 3 hour in Toledo Ohio on the return route. Now no offense to Toledo, it’s a great looking city but, I DON’T KNOW NOBODY IN TOLEDO to give me a desire to hang around for 3 hours. I called Amtrak and they very kindly changed my return ticket to lay over in Washington DC, great, my daughter lives there.

5th discovery Every train does not have the same accommodation. Since I sleep like a baby going to Detroit and my return travel time was once again at night, I decided to get another sleeper. As I enter my sleeper the following conversation takes place:


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