How to Avoid Falling Victim of Online Diploma Mills

Online diploma mills are businesses that pose themselves to be genuine colleges or universities. They reward degrees without evaluating any academic work from its students. Their main job is to make money by selling degree certificates and academic references to individuals who purchase degrees from such mills.

These diploma mills generally tow types of customers

  • Students searching for genuine online degree programs who by enroll not knowing it is a degree mill.
  • Those individuals who commit a fraud by knowingly purchasing degrees to improve their credentials.

Falling Victim of Online Diploma Mills

Getting started – The concept of online education is new to many institutions. Constant developments and revisions are on the go to suit today’s requirements. mua bang trung cap Hence it is seemingly simple for candidates to develop a website calling it a legitimate college or university. Internet is a place where large number of fake and counterfeit operations can target large number of victims.
Kinds of Diploma Mills- There are two kinds of diploma mills one that offers low quality study programs and courses and the other which merely sells degree certificates for money.

Identifying a Diploma Mill – With the help of the following factors you can identify a diploma mill

Names similar to well known colleges and universities and providing no or fake accrediting agency details
* Changes the university address very frequently.
* Written material come with a lot of spelling mistakes
* Degrees offered at a abnormally short period
* No selective admission or request for previous test score.
* Fees are on a per degree basis

Protecting from a Diploma Mill
* Check for accreditation of the online school offering degree and diploma courses.
* Do not restrict your search to few classifieds and magazines.
* Check whether the school is associated with any reputable parent company.
* Licensing board and professional associations should be referred to before enrolling
* Find out about the faculty members associated with the university or degree.

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