How to Find the Best Garden Shed Designs

The typical garden shed is the Swiss army knife of outdoor structures. If you have too much of almost anything and need to store it, the garden shed is a good choice. Garden shed designs can accommodate almost anything suitable for the backyard, including room to work on your favorite projects. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when looking for the best garden shed designs.

One, determine your intended use. How you plan to use the shed leads to all the other decisions you will make. Is it just for storage or do you need room to move around as with a workshop? The space and features must match the intended use to give you the most benefit.

Two, decide whether to build your garden shed from scratch, from a kit, or buy it ready-made. Designing and building it yourself is the most time-consuming and could be expensive if planning is poor. Ready-made sheds may be limited in design choices and the most expensive option. Kits fall in-between, with everything provided to you, including design plans, materials, and sometimes even the required tools garden .

Three, draw up a plan and stick to it. Cost over runs can easily be avoided if you follow your plan because you’ll avoid spontaneous add-ons and unneeded features. Execute your plan systematically, don’t rush, and remember the basic rule of “measure twice, cut once” to make sure you don’t run out of materials.

Four, make sure the selected shed features meet your intended use. If you intend to move garden equipment in and out, you’ll need a wider door and perhaps a ramp to make the job easier. If you’re depending on natural light, pay attention the number and placement of windows. If storage space is most important, then figure out the most efficient configuration of shelves, bins, drawers and hooks. And don’t forget the potting table if gardening really is your passion.

Five, remember that your shed doesn’t have to be boring. The addition of simple touches can make even a simple shed attractive. Color is the easiest way to brighten the shed inside and out, and also a good way to fit the shed to other nearby structures.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when planning and building that perfect garden shed. Start with a good design – thousands of designs are available via the Internet – and plan, and stick to a schedule and budget. Adding your sweat to the project will guarantee years of enjoyment.

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